January 2015: Our web ordering system is down.

Please email your order directly to orders@hughgrierson.co.uk or call 01738 730201 and leave a message.

We will reply within 24 hours. We are now back to regular opening and delivery hours.

The butchery at the farm is open Mon Tues Wed and Friday 8am-4pm.

Find us at Edinburgh farmers Market every Sat in 2015

Our delicious Scottish organic beef, organic lamb, organic pork and organic chicken is:

  • Grass fed and full of flavour
  • Organic meat matured in the traditional manner (beef is hung for 3 weeks)
  • Locally bred and reared organically on our farm in Perthshire, Scotland
  • Meat is vacuum packed for maximum freshness
  • Packed in convenient sized cuts

On our organic farm we rear traditional Scottish beef, lamb, chicken and pork. Our beef is organic Aberdeen Angus beef, bred from our own herd, built up over 35 years. Our organic Aberdeen Angus herd graze on lush pastures on our organic farm in Perthshire, Scotland and are fed a natural grass diet with animal welfare as our top priority.

We believe in producing quality food, whilst caring for the countryside. We achieved organic status in October 2002 and are certified by the Soil Association.

Organic meat has to be produced under a strict code of practice to ensure that the animals are treated in a humane way throughout their lives. We rear our herd and flocks in a traditional manner producing healthy and contented animals, and so the finest organic meat. As they live in natural, stress-free conditions they produce the highest quality beef, pork chicken and lamb you can buy.The organic beef, lamb and pork is processed locally by a traditional butcher, to ensure the cuts of meat are of top quality and the animals are not stressed by traveling great distances.

Our Scottish beef, lamb and chicken has a superb taste and is of superior quality. The beef is hung for 21 days which relaxes and tenderises the meat, leading to the fine texture and flavour of organic beef. The animals are fed on organic grass and clover, and this varied diet of natural pastures ensures our organic products have an exceptionally delicious flavour. We supply organic meat online throughout the UK and are Scotland’s top organic meat supplier. We have set out to be the best organic meat supplier in the UK and if you want to order organic meat online then you have come to the right place. We believe (and our customers tell us) that our farm produces the finest organic meat in Scotland.