Sascha’s Kitchen – how to cook and prepare your organic produce

I love cooking, I find it purposeful to come home after work and produce something that draws the family together round the kitchen table. Its a job well done, getting people to sit and eat together. Sometimes we go over the day, or maybe not. But food on the kitchen table with its clutter is at the heart of our home. I used to find cooking a chore and then I married a farmer who decided to sell food directly to people. I had produce to use, so my journey began. I dug out my mother’s, grandmother’s and sisters’ food advice which had sat on a shelf in my brain for a year or two. I’m a home cook, and with time, I’ll get to be a better home cook, as its a lovely thing to do every day


These are staples I cook regularly. Its all simple to do

Scotch Broth

Neil Forbes from Cafe St Honore: Braised Shin of Beef

Homemade Beef Stock

Mince & tatties

Sunday Roast Chicken with Giblet Gravy

Coq au Vin

Italian Style Chicken Breast

Marinated Thick-cut Rump Steaks

Giblet Gravy

Roast pork with crackling